The event was headlined with Rabbi Shais Taub, a Chassidus teacher and author of the bestselling book, "G-d of Our Understanding." He is a scholar-in-residence at Chabad of the Five Towns and columnist of AMI magazine.

He was joined by Maryland's Head Shliach Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan; Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon, Rabbi of Chabad in Park Heights in Baltimore; and Rabbi Shmuel Silber, Rabbi of Congregation Toras Chaim in Baltimore.

It was a night of true Jewish unity as Jews from all different backgrounds joined in the festivities. After the event ended, Rabbi Taub farbrenged until the wee hours of the morning.
The event was held in the Kol Torah Hall which is a large, vibrant Litvishe Shul, and included a seforim sale as well, with all sorts of Sifrei Chassidus Chabad were on display for all to purchase at a discounted price. The evening marked the conclusion of the year-long Gemara learning which began last Yud Tes Kislev and will now be divided again as part of the annual Chalukas Hashas.